Where has the Energy Efficiency Network worked before?

This is the first Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) in Uganda. However the concept has helped industries in many countries reduce their energy consumption.

  • There are till date 80 EENs in Germany. Average energy savings of 4 – 8.1 % realized in the networks
  • In Switzerland, between 2000 and 2007, 80 EENs were formed. The members on average realized cost savings of 110,000 Euros
  • In Canada more than 2400 companies participated in 27 task forces similar to EENs, reducing energy intensity by combined 11.2 %
  • In India 6 private companies formed an EEN and realized 47 Million kWh savings and 12,000 tons CO2 reduction
  • Japan, Sweden, Norway and South Africa are some of the other countries where EENs have successfully helped industries become energy efficient.
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