How will the Energy Efficiency Network help us?

The Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) has several services which would help a energy intensive company become more energy efficient.

  • The EEN will help the companies identify energy efficiency measures through energy audits
  • The energy audits cover all the energy consuming areas in your facility such as lighting, motors, compressed air, boiler, chiller, dryer, etc.
  • After the identification of the measures, the EEN will help the companies to develop these measures into implementable projects through feasibility studies
  • The EEN also helps the members to secure financing for the Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy projects by connecting them with financiers. Bankable papers would be created from the feasibility studies which would help the members secure financing.
  • The EEN helps the members implement the Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy measures by identifying quality equipment supplier and installers, measuring and verifying the savings realized.
  • The EEN offers several trainings on energy efficiency topics that would improve the quality of the work force of the member.
  • The EEN provides a platform for the members to exchange ideas and best practices to improve their energy efficiency.
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