New Kakinga Millers Enterprises Limited

New Kakinga Millers Enterprises Limited is an agroprocessing company registered in Uganda as a company limited by shares and is located in Kakinga Trading Centre, Ishongororo town council in Ibanda District in Uganda.

The company’s mission is to provide quality products by adopting cost-effective production systems in order to increase tonnage of maize processed to 100 tonnes in a day by year 2021 compared to 40 tonnes being processed now. The company buys and processes maize grain in to flour for sale. Maize grain is supplied by 3000 farmers that are supported with inputs by the company in order to produce high quality maize grain.

The costs of electrical energy for production is the highest, with a two thirds (2/3) of the overall production costs at the factory. The process flow is characterized by three major processes of grain cleaning, hulling and milling with milling utilizing the highest electrical energy. The factory solely relies on electricity from the grid with electric motors used to drive these mechanical processes. The energy cost challenge is affecting her overall productivity and profitability that needs a sustainable intervention, said the Managing Director, Mr. Luck Edison. The company is optimistic of a better improved productivity future through embracing energy management and energy efficient processes and technologies in the factory.

In an effort to address the electrical energy cost challenge, the company, decided to partner with the Energy Efficiency Network, Uganda supported by GIZ and facilitated by Envidatec. The energy efficiency network is currently undertaking energy audit at the factory with the aim of identifying potential energy efficiency measures and recommendations for improvements in energy efficiency. Expansion plans are also underway by the company to increase production to 100 tonnes of maize grain milled per day from current 40 tonnes in the next one and half years. The Managing Director says this is even an opportunity for the recommendations from the energy audit to inform the construction and operation of new planned production facility.