List of Auditors

December 1, 2017

James Ludigo Wilberforce

James Ludigo Wilberforce is a Mechanical Engineer from Makerere University with 26 years of professional experience. His training in Mechanical Engineering combined with training in Energy Auditing and Management, along with International short-term courses in Energy Efficiency (IEE) Improvement Project of South Africa (UNIDO/NCPC-SA), Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) Course by Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) under Uganda CEA Programme and the series of training in Energy Management by TERI/GIZ have equipped him with tools that can enable him to handle Energy Auditing related tasks. Besides this, trainings in Environmental management and Cleaner Production coped with 13 years of industrial work, gives him an added advantage in the various related Energy Auditing Projects.

Mr. Wilberforce is a member of the Energy Efficiency Network for Uganda and the Energy Efficiency Association of Uganda. Currently he is working as a Technical Officer/Energy Efficiency Expert with Uganda Cleaner Production Centre; he has acquired experience in Energy management and Auditing during the course of his work in a number of sectors that include Tea, Sugar, Dairy, Textile, Building, Leather etc. In his day to day duties at the center, he has acquired vast experience as trainer and moderator and participated in the development and piloting of training methods and materials for different target groups in order to promote and implement Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) especially as the lead expert in all matters related to Energy Efficiency in enterprises that under take the RECP programs in the center.

With the background of RECP, Mr. Wilberforce has the conviction that effective Energy Management is a driver to achieve improved energy productivity and competitiveness of enterprises in these times of increasing energy costs.

Mobile: +256752698782 / +256704892736
Email:  ludigoj(at) / ludigoj(at) / jludigo(at)

December 5, 2017

Maclian Senyonga

Maclian Senyonga is an energy auditor in Uganda who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Makerere University. He has attained several professional development courses in renewable energy and energy management including certified energy audit training by Energy Training Foundation, Solar technical certifications from Egypt and several energy management trainings by GIZ.

He is a member of the Energy Efficiency Association of Uganda (EEAU) and the Energy Efficiency Network Uganda. He has conducted energy audits in several industries including cement processing, tea processing, steel manufacture, beverage industries, textiles, sugar, dairy, commercial buildings and the hotel industry. He has participated in a number of renewable energy projects including design, installations and commissioning of solar power projects and low wind speed power generating projects for households.

He is committed and believes in sustainable energy utilisation through efficient and effective means in households and commercial level.

Email: semacliano(at) or m.senyonga(at)
Telephone: +256774330858

August 1, 2017

Jacob Etunganan

Jacob Etunganan is the lead energy auditor for the New Kakinga Millers Enterprise Limited and is a member of the Energy Efficiency Network for Uganda and the Energy Efficiency Association of Uganda. He is a Certified Energy Auditor, CEA #90577, accredited by as an international member with the Association of Energy Engineers, USA.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural engineering from Makerere University, Uganda and a Master of Science degree in sustainable energy engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden together with other continuous professional development courses in energy, processing, environment and leadership. He has an endless passion, curiosity and commitment for sustainable energy management, renewable energy development and efficient energy management in households, businesses and industry. He has conducted a number of energy audits in the tea industry and buildings and also facilitated a number of energy efficiency trainings for industries through the Uganda Manufacturers Association in Uganda. His experience, expertise and research interests have been in sustainable energy development and use, sustainable waste management in households and industry, cleaner production in industry, material flow analysis, engineering design and optimization, technology-based entrepreneurship and development of business models for renewable energy technology and energy efficiency uptake. He strongly believes in efficient energy management in industry as one of the most feasible options for improved productivity and profitability.

Email: jacobetunganan(at)
Telephone: 0787893122