What is an Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) ?

An EEN is a network of several energy-intensive companies. The objective of the network is to reduce energy consumption, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency.

The objective of the network will be realized through several activities focusing on identifying, developing, financing and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, that would lead to energy and cost savings.

The Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) Uganda is the first of its kind in Uganda. It has been formed by the cooperation of Envidatec GmbH from Germany, Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) Uganda, the Energy Efficiency Association of Uganda (EEAU) and the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA). The EEN Uganda is a partly funded project. This means the members of the network would pay a subsidized fee, where as the remaining fee is funded by the German government.

The Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) has several services which would help a energy intensive company become more energy efficient.

  • The EEN will help the companies identify energy efficiency measures through energy audits
  • The energy audits cover all the energy consuming areas in your facility such as lighting, motors, compressed air, boiler, chiller, dryer, etc.
  • After the identification of the measures, the EEN will help the companies to develop these measures into implementable projects through feasibility studies
  • The EEN also helps the members to secure financing for the Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy projects by connecting them with financiers. Bankable papers would be created from the feasibility studies which would help the members secure financing.
  • The EEN helps the members implement the Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy measures by identifying quality equipment supplier and installers, measuring and verifying the savings realized.
  • The EEN offers several trainings on energy efficiency topics that would improve the quality of the work force of the member.
  • The EEN provides a platform for the members to exchange ideas and best practices to improve their energy efficiency.

This is the first Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) in Uganda. However the concept has helped industries in many countries reduce their energy consumption.

  • There are till date 80 EENs in Germany. Average energy savings of 4 – 8.1 % realized in the networks
  • In Switzerland, between 2000 and 2007, 80 EENs were formed. The members on average realized cost savings of 110,000 Euros
  • In Canada more than 2400 companies participated in 27 task forces similar to EENs, reducing energy intensity by combined 11.2 %
  • In India 6 private companies formed an EEN and realized 47 Million kWh savings and 12,000 tons CO2 reduction
  • Japan, Sweden, Norway and South Africa are some of the other countries where EENs have successfully helped industries become energy efficient.

If you are convinced that Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) Uganda will help you become energy efficient, go ahead and fill out the contact form. The EEN moderator will get back to you with the next steps.

  • Good housekeeping practices
  • Maintenance of compressed air networks
  • Maintenance of steam networks
  • Maintenance of chilled water networks
  • Internal energy auditing
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System
  • Other training topics based on your requirements

  • Boiler optimization / replacement, fuel switch
  • Cogeneration
  • Heat recovery
  • Variable Frequency Drives / Soft starters on motors
  • Renewable Energy such as Solar Photovoltaics, biomass digester, etc.
  • Insulation improvement
  • Compressor optimization / replacement
  • Chiller opimization / replacement
  • Other projects based on your facility and processes






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